Each image serves as a character for a larger narrative; scraps of a past that I personally have little knowledge of. As a small child we lived in a trailer, we had a pet raccoon, my biological father had long blond hair, my parents grew up in the swamps of South Carolina, and smoked a lot of pot.

However, this work is less about a personal narrative but rather a prompt to consider how one constructs narratives and how personal and collective stories are concocted and conceived. It examines how fantasy lives often swirl up around the smallest of ideas, gaining force and power the more you ponder them, building in seemingly concrete details until they birth a life of their own, separate and unearthed from the “reality” that was just a flash in time. My work twists and exploits notions of fantasy, sexuality and nostalgia for what never existed; when everything was seemingly possible— longing for an idealism somehow unmarred by defeat and failure. This lingering desire to hold sweet and superficial ideals collides with an unraveling discomfort and dissolution. There is an attempt to freeze the past, yet the future continues to creep in, distorting and disturbing the vision. These emblematic images oscillate between particular memories and universal ideals, both documenting fleeting moments from a borrowed past and mining the residue of a life left behind— before they slip out of conscious reach.

This work is a continuation of paintings that experiment with a range of narrative structures that draw upon and expose the fissures that occur when the ideals from one point in history are translated into another. Internal vs. external lives are merged and the past, present, and future slide and slip, creating blanks and hollows.

It is in this space between where meaning is formed.